MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A patient in the Mid-South is in isolation and being tested for Ebola at Methodist University Hospital is in stable condition.

Officials tell us the isolated area is separate from the main hospital on Methodist University Hospital Campus.

Methodist University Hospital released the following statement regarding the patient and the effectiveness of Methodist University employees:

Our experts have an alternate primary diagnosis that has been established, but in an abundance of caution, the team is still strictly following Ebola protocols to protect all caregivers and others. We are waiting for a definitive Ebola test result which we expect to receive this evening. We will report more as we learn more. Memphians can be proud of the expertise and teamwork that all have demonstrated, including local and state health departments and emergency medical personnel with whom we have collaborated. Our collective planning and training have prepared the team well.

So far the hospital is not giving any details on the patient possibly being treated for Ebola in Memphis.

Methodist officials confirmed Sunday morning that a patient was being tested for Ebola, whose symptoms do not meet all of the qualifications for Ebola.

Methodist University Hospital released the following statement Sunday morning:

This patient did not fit all of the screening guidelines, however we wanted to take an abundance of caution and have decided to place this patient in a special isolation room until we receive results from blood work that will tell us whether or not this patient has Ebola. Our associates have been undergoing extensive training and drilling, and we are well prepared to safely care for this patient.

A hospital visitor spoke with WREG’s Elise Preston and told her that hearing about a patient with possible Ebola was uncomfortable. That visitor has left Methodist South and took their sick family member with them. Other visitors have decided to stay in the Methodist South facility regardless of possible Ebola.

Earlier this week leaders met to discuss what they would do if Ebola came to Memphis.

The Chief Health Officer for the Shelby County Health Department, Dr. Hellen Morrow told WREG “The minimum requirement would be a private room for a patient with its private bath. It does not need or be a negative pressure room.”

Area hospitals have been training nursing staff and running drills.

New CDC regulations require every inch of skin to be covered with protective gear and every hospital to have an isolation area setup.

If someone is suspected of having Ebola, the county said they would be taken to whatever facility is closest.

However, there is no across-the-board plan for ambulances yet. Officials said they’re still looking at and considering different protocols.

Methodist will hold a news conference later today, but for now no questions are being answered.