10-year-old boy being tested for Ebola

A 10-year-old Liberian boy at ProMedica Toledo Hospital is being tested for a possible case of Ebola.

The boy, who went to the hospital with a slight fever this afternoon, is isolated as the hospital and public health officials await results of a blood test, which is being done in Columbus at the Ohio Department of Health, said Dr. David Grossman, Lucas County Health Department commissioner.

“With anybody from those areas — and he is from a country with cases of Ebola — we are prepared,” Dr. Grossman said. “And he had a bit of a temperature, but so far he has shown no other symptoms.”

The hospital also is testing the boy for other tropical illnesses with similar symptoms, including malaria, Dr. Grossman said.

The boy came from Liberia with his family to visit Toledo about a week ago, Dr. Grossman said. No one else in his family is ill and they are not being kept in isolation, Dr. Grossman said.

Hospital workers caring for the boy are wearing protective gowns and masks, he said.