No statement will be made. Several health services agencies have already issued statements regarding ebola in IL.



Sun-Times Media Says the Don’t Read Alternative News – wait for Official Statements…

Illinois Ebola Scare: Elgin Hospital Isolates Patient With Flu-Like Symptoms, Ebola Virus Quickly Ruled Out

Ebola Ruled Out in Elgin, IL though Patient Was Not Tested


We are expecting a statement from a northern Illinois ambulance company, addressing rumors that they treated a potential Ebola patient yesterday. Please check back with us. We will update this article as soon as we have any more details.

A-TEC Ambulance service quickly pulls down forum post about Ebola. Unconfirmed. A source tells me that they responded to a patient with some “ebola-like symptoms” but no further information is available. We will try to get the name of the facility to which the patient was taken.

Please encourage everyone you know to read the newer articles on this website. I will continue to put out updates. Thanks.


Possible Ebola Case – Elgin, IL

posted on Oct, 10 2014
This is inside information passed on to me. Not a lot of detail, and I don’t expect more inside information until Mon-Tue, but good for a small glimpse into response regardless of outcome.

Sherman Hospital has a potential Ebola case. The patient was in Nigeria within the past 10 days. Came in with weakness, fatigue & low-grade fever. They are wearing full contact and respiratory gear – beyond current protocols, as they believe the virus is more transmissible than CDC (publicly) believes.

CDC has told them 3 days for test results. They expect to know sooner.

Currently working on patient contact list.

I don’t know any more than that, but will update with any further information that comes in. I’m hoping this will be an exercise in learning more about the process and what is happening vs what we see in news reports (or lack of.) If it is the Big E, we’re prepared for 3 months of lockdown.

If that does come to pass, I’ll post some of the rice-based recipes we’ll be coming up with out of food boredom, while watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.