(N.Morgan) More strange, unexplained sounds were heard, this time in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. These sounds could be many things and I’m still not sure what the source of it could be. Some believe it is UFOs, while others contend it could be HAARP vibrations,while other theorize that it is the Earth settling. The so-called “Strange Sounds” phenomenon has struck again, this time in Albrightsville, PA, and was experienced by a couple taking a morning stroll in some nearby woods.

Luckily, the pair had a camera phone and were able to record the weird noises and posted the incident to YouTube on Oct. 8, in the video embedded above.In it, the unidentified man and woman whisper to each other as the strange noises can be heard in the distance. The sounds, variously identified as “Sky Trumpets” or “UFO Booms“, are perhaps best described by the term “Skyquakes”, as they do sound as if the sky is opening up, much the way a chasm breaks open on the ground, producing a deep, booming, mechanical-sounding noise.

Take a listen and see what you think.