This was posted twice before but never got the traction it needed. Please take a look. I wanted a map that showed outbreaks and potential outbreaks but this map does one better. By clicking on the outbreak you can see all related articles that helped create the map (in summary format). You can also go back in time to see the disease as it develops. Not only Ebola but other diseases as well. This tool is super helpful discussing suspected cases and real cases with up to date information. Share this if you feel it will be a useful tool for us truth seekers.THE MAP SITE


A crowdsourcing project called HealthMap managed to detect abnormal activity in the West African region long before scientists and health officials proclaimed an Ebola outbreak. Through data the project collected they found evidence of a “mystery hemorrhagic fever” which had been killing people in South East Guinea. It was not until a full 9 days later that the World Health Organisation (WHO) went public with information on the outbreak.

Talked about this and did not get a good response. I hope this thread can get more info out there.