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A very Deadly ‘Ebola-like’ plague shakes Jamaica…

…As 8-year-old boy dies of ‘internal bleeding’ fever. A rare and deadly disease that causes severe internal bleeding has tragically killed an eight-year-old boy in Jamaica. Dr. Christopher Tufton, Jamaica’s health minister, said the boy was killed by dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) – a lethal viral [...]

Nurse with Ebola ‘exposure’ to be admitted to NIH hospital

The National Institutes of Health “expects to admit a patient with exposure to the Ebola virus” later Thursday into its facility in Bethesda, Maryland, “for observation and to enroll in a clinical protocol,” the NIH said. The patient is an American nurse who volunteered at an Ebola treatment unit [...]

‘Post-Ebola Syndrome’ Persists After Virus Is Cured, Doctor Says

Healthcare workers load a man, center, onto a ambulance as he is suspected of suffering from the Ebola virus in Kenema, Sierra Leone, Sept. 24, 2014. Tanya Bindra/AP Photo West Africans fortunate to survive Ebola may go on to develop what’s being called “post-Ebola syndrome,” [...]

Six people in Indiana being monitored for Ebola symptoms, state health officials say

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 29, 2014) – State health officials are monitoring six people in Indiana for Ebola symptoms in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All are considered low risk. Indiana was one of the first states to begin “direct active monitoring” of [...]
Encouraging signs about NY


Dray Clark has an update on the condition of Dr. Craig Spencer at Bellevue Hospital. A 5-year-old boy who had traveled to West Africa has been tested for Ebola after having possible symptoms of the virus, health officials say.The boy was brought to Bellevue Hospital Sunday night.He [...]

Dallas nurses cite sloppy conditions in Ebola care

The emergency entrance to Texas Health Presbyterian hospital, Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014, in Dallas, Texas. Hospital officials have said they are no longer accepting new patients at this time. A second healthcare worker who was caring for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has tested positive for the [...]

What We Were Told About Ebola

Sen. John McCain claimed on a Sunday talk show that “we were told there would never be a case of Ebola in the United States.” Not exactly. U.S. health officials, early in the outbreak, said it was highly unlikely, but we could not find any instances of them saying it would never [...]

CDC acknowledges it could have done more on Ebola

By EMILY SCHMALL and NOMAAN MERCHANT Associated Press FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) – The nation’s top disease-fighting agency acknowledged Tuesday that federal health experts failed to do all they should have done to prevent Ebola from spreading from a Liberian man who died last week in Texas to the [...]

Dallas nurse Nina Pham ‘doing well’ in fight against Ebola

By EMILY SCHMALL and NOMAAN MERCHANT Associated Press DALLAS (AP) – A Texas nurse who became infected with Ebola while treating the first patient diagnosed in the U.S. said Tuesday that she was “doing well,” while the World Health Organization projected that West Africa could [...]

Illinois Ebola Scare: Elgin Hospital Isolates Patient With Flu-Like Symptoms, Ebola Virus Quickly Ruled Out

What’s interesting, is the ruling out of an ebola infection without testing! Wouldn’t these facilities rather waste a test than let someone go home who later ends up with this life-threatening disease? An Illinois Ebola scare spread widely through news over the weekend after a claim was [...]

Obama:”You cant get Ebola sitting on bus”; CDC:”Avoid Mass Transit” – Speaking in a video message to residents of West African countries currently experiencing outbreaks of Ebola, President Barack Obama dispensed advice on how residents can avoid the disease, including:”You cannot get it through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus.” At [...]


Vaccine more likely to represent effort to cull population Image Credits: Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia Commons by KURT NIMMO | INFOWARS.COM | OCTOBER 13, 2014 For the establishment, Chris Brown is an ideal foil to counter rising suspicion. The singer tweeted on Monday he thinks Ebola is a form of [...]

The agonizing last days of the first Ebola patient in the US

A cleaning company sanitized the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan (inset) was staying before being admitted to the hospital for Ebola.Photo: Getty Images (main)/AP (inset) Despite five days of intensive treatment, Thomas Eric Duncan’s condition was deteriorating.By the morning of Oct. 2, [...]
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