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Unique retinal scar identified in Ebola survivors

Steptoe PJ, et al. Emerg Infect Dis. 2017;doi:10.3201/eid2307.161608. Unique retinal lesions have been observed in some survivors of Ebola virus infection, according to a study. In a case-control prospective study, University of Liverpool researchers compared retinal images of 82 Ebola virus [...]

CDC is covering up 1,400 potential Ebola cases in US, acclaimed journalist reveals

  A noted investigative journalist says the American people are still not being kept up to speed about the dangers of possible spread of Ebola in the country, and that the government’s chief agency for handling such emergencies is the primary culprit. In a recent interview with Fox News‘ Media [...]

Evidence shows MIT had cure for Ebola back in 2011

  A major breakthrough out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows incredible promise as a cure for virtually every kind of viral infection known to man. But the mainstream media has chosen to stick with hype, fear and, more recently, the ominous threat of martial law when it comes to [...]

‘Post-Ebola Syndrome’ Persists After Virus Is Cured, Doctor Says

Healthcare workers load a man, center, onto a ambulance as he is suspected of suffering from the Ebola virus in Kenema, Sierra Leone, Sept. 24, 2014. Tanya Bindra/AP Photo West Africans fortunate to survive Ebola may go on to develop what’s being called “post-Ebola syndrome,” [...]

CDC Says Ebola Droplets Can Only Travel 3 Feet … But MIT Research Shows Sneezes Can Travel Up to 20 Feet

Checking the CDC’s Math This week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that Ebola can travel through the air in aerosols, but claims that it can never go more than 3 feet. Let’s check their math … CDC (like the World Health Organization) admits that Ebola can be spread through [...]

Colloidal Silver: Natural Treatment for Ebola?

Colloidal Silver: Natural Treatment for Ebola? Posted on October 25, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog In the News: Silver and Ebola There is a tremendous buzz about silver and Ebola … For example, a Google search for silver and Ebola turns up 25 million hits.   And the FDA sent a cease and desist letter to [...]

Health officials watching dog of Ebola patient

 By MATTHEW WATKINS Staff Writer  In addition to tracking people who came into contact with Ebola patients, Dallas authorities are keeping watch over a dog. Mayor Mike Rawlings said Sunday morning that the health care worker who has fallen ill with Ebola kept [...]

Unlike in Spain, Dallas Ebola patient’s dog will be saved

(Photo: Daniel Ochoa de Olza, AP) DALLAS — The health worker who tested positive for Ebola has a dog, but the mayor of Dallas says unlike in a recent Spanish case, the dog will be kept safe for eventual reunion with its owner. Mayor Mike Rawlings told USA TODAY that the dog remained [...]

Potential for large outbreaks of Ebola virus disease- revisiting data from the first known Ebola outbreak in Zaire in 1976.

A. CamachoA.J. KucharskiW.J. Edmunds Show more Highlights • We revisited data from the first known Ebola outbreak in Zaire in 1976. • Using a mathematical model, we estimated transmission rates in different settings. • Analysis suggests the person-to-person R0 was 1.34 (95% CI: [...]
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