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Reuters / Susana Vera

‘Entire villages disappeared’: Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone ‘underreported’

  Reuters / Susana Vera Ebola’s toll on Sierra Leone is much greater than previously thought, with entire villages killed off by the virus. This means up to 20,000 people could have succumbed to the disease by now, a senior coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) believes. According [...]
A protester outside the White House demands a halt to all flights to the United States from West Africa.

Why It’s OK To Worry About Ebola, And What’s Truly Scary

A protester outside the White House demands a halt to all flights to the United States from West Africa. Mladen Antonov /AFP/Getty Images Public health types are getting increasingly annoyed with people freaking out about Ebola in the United States, from governors to the general public. It’s [...]

Colloidal Silver: Natural Treatment for Ebola?

Colloidal Silver: Natural Treatment for Ebola? Posted on October 25, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog In the News: Silver and Ebola There is a tremendous buzz about silver and Ebola … For example, a Google search for silver and Ebola turns up 25 million hits.   And the FDA sent a cease and desist letter to [...]

Share This Now! Ebola Is A Supervirus And The US Ebola Czar Has A Depopulation Agenda! #Ebola #Proof!

The questions are begging to be answered and that is a good thing. The bad part, is that the answers are far worse than previously thought. This strain of Ebola is nothing that the world has seen before. In fact these scientists claim that this version of Ebola is a super bug! Think back to when [...]

The Ebola could have escaped from US bio-warfare labs

Is Ebola virus a GMO? Why does it spread so quickly and travel such great distances? What’s going on in the bio-warfare laboratories that the United States have set in West Africa? And most importantly. Are we being told the truth about Ebola? The leading American law professor Francis A. Boyle, [...]

Russian govt orders extra airport facilities to prevent Ebola

Russian Emergencies Ministry workers at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport (RIA Novosti/Alexander Hrebtov) Airports in Russia will be equipped with extra facilities to prevent the Ebola virus from spreading, the government’s press service reported on Friday. Over a thousand African students are [...]


During his weekly address Obama chastised Americans for their “hysteria” over the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Obama’s Ebola “czar”: government bureaucratization on parade. He called for patience and a sense of perspective. He said the government is in control of the situation, the AFP [...]

How the World Let the Ebola Epidemic Spiral Out of Control

A swift international response could have contained the outbreak. From   A health worker loads a suspected Ebola patient into the back of an ambulance in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Wednesday, September 24, 2014. [...]


by DANIEL NUSSBAUM 12 Oct 2014, 6:33 AM PDT 221POST A COMMENT California has reported 32 cases of the respiratory illness enterovirus D-68, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) said on Friday. According to the Los Angeles Times, the number of patients with the illness has [...]

Experimental Ebola antiviral drug approved by FDA

  October 6, 2014 4:15 pm EDT0 Comments BY SHEPARD AMBELLAS | INTELLIHUB.COM EXPERIMENTAL DRUG “BRINCIDOVIR” FAST-TRACKED BY FDA NORTH CAROLINA — Chimerix, a biopharmaceutical firm, has been approved by the FDA under fast-tracking to administer “brincidofovir”, a new and experimental antiviral [...]

NewLink Genetics: Ready to test Ebola vaccine

AP3:19 p.m. EDT August 14, 2014 (Photo: AP) 58CONNECT 100TWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE An Iowa drug developer is preparing to test a possible Ebola vaccine in humans, as scientists race to develop ways to prevent or fight a virus that has killed more than 1,000 people in a West [...]


SOURCE: EPJ More developments that suggest the possibility that US biowarfare operators may be involved with Ebola research, and quite possibly the outbreak in Africa. The Atlantic reports: Ebola is notoriously incurable (and the strain at large its most lethal), it is overwhelming to [...]

Ebola outbreak: Western drugs firms have not tried to find vaccine ‘because virus only affects Africans’, says UK’s top public health doctor

Professor John Ashton accuses pharmaceutical industry of ‘moral bankruptcy’ JANE MERRICK POLITICAL EDITOR Sunday 03 August 2014 Britain’s leading public health doctor today blames the failure to find a vaccine against the Ebola virus on the “moral bankruptcy” of [...]
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